Time is money and we don’t like to waste it.  What sets us apart from other services is the fact that we don’t leave you guessing when to enter or exit trades. We don’t require a constant Twitter feed or split-second decisions to jump into a trade throughout the workday. We provide members with a simple solution without the necessity of hundreds of phone alerts throughout the day.

Maxon Capital Group is a collection of independent business-minded traders specialized in developing systematic trading models. These models run at the end of each trading session and generate trade orders based on various technical inputs. Our service sends out one email at the end of the day with specific performance updates and entries. You chose which entries you are comfortable with and enter them with your broker at your leisure before the next trade day open. Once members enter those orders with their brokers, that’s it – they’re done for the day.

We don’t use intraday trade alerts or social media, so you never have to worry about missing a trade or being the last person to get an update. Be in control of your money and let the market work for you. We believe in getting straight to the point and not building a lot of fluff around our communications or models. Our models perform based on market data throughout the day and crunch the formulas after market close. Time is money so we won’t waste it.