Bullish Sentiment Setup

The unprecedented drop in equity markets over the past few weeks has most traders expecting more downside in the weeks to come. To see the overall bearishness in the market, look no further than the DSI reading for S&P Futures on Friday – that came in at just 5% Bulls. While low sentiment doesn’t guarantee a move higher in price, historical data shows the recent bearishness may provide an

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World Health Organization today declared the coronavirus a pandemic. Epidemics are much more common and localized but the global outbreak of a pandemic causes a much larger chain reaction as panic spreads faster than facts. Markets are making history this year and some of this is uncharted territory. Bear markets in the past have never happened this fast. Here we are already down -20% from ATHs (All-Time-Highs) and today

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Panic: a sudden sensation of fear, which is so strong as to dominate or prevent reason and logical thinking, replacing it with overwhelming feelings of anxiety and frantic agitation consistent with an animalistic fight-or-flight reaction. Panic may occur singularly in individuals or manifest suddenly in large groups as mass panic or herd mentality. - Wikipedia The Dow fell more than 2,000 points over the weekend down 7.3%

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Circuit Breakers

Most everyone knows the purpose of circuit breakers in their homes: when a surge in electricity is overloaded within one zone, the circuit breaker trips and automatically shuts off electricity to keep your house from going up in flames. Same idea in the stock markets. When any panic results in either an extreme surge up or down, the circuit breakers trigger a halt in the market for a set

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It's a scary four letter word. One that can make sane people do crazy things. One that can drop a market from All Time Highs down -15% in five days (as of the time of this blog). Four months of market expansion came crashing down in five days because of fear. In all fairness, the coronavirus is definitely something to be afraid of. But a market drop like this

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