2015 Performance Summary

We recently closed the books on our first year of trading and wanted to share our results with the rest of the world. We’re happy to report our Forex Trading Service gained +21.8% while our Futures Trading Service increased +43.5%. Considering the S&P 500 returned less than 1% over that same time, you’ll understand why we’re so excited with these results. The partnership between Maxon Capital Group and Sentrade has

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Low Sentiment = Lower Prices

When we see single-digit sentiment readings, we typically look for a reversal in price. With so many traders looking for lower prices, the market has a tendency to reward contrarians on the other side of the trade. There are times, however, where low sentiment simply isn’t enough to reverse a long protracted downtrend in price. The best example of this can be seen in the recent price action in

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Euro Sentiment Setup

We’ve seen some extreme moves in Euro sentiment over the past few weeks. These large changes in perspective tend to offer unique opportunities for longer-term traders - let’s take a look at the data and see what we can expect from the Euro in the coming months: Euro sentiment decreased from 85% to 27% Bulls between 05/15/15 and 05/26/15 Since 2006, Euro sentiment decreased >40% Bulls over seven trading

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S&P Summary – January 2015

Fifty-two percent (11/21) of the trading days in January saw S&P futures close ± 1%.  That’s more than the previous three January’s combined (2/21 in 2012, 1/22 in 2013, and 5/22 in 2014).  While the recent volatility was unexpected, it provides us with an opportunity to do what we do best…make money.  Throughout January, Maxon Capital Group and @sentrade posted several forecasts on our public stream on how to trade

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Odds Favor Lower Prices for S&P

S&P futures are trading +5.50 points above the 01/28/15 low S&P futures lost -2.2% today, which is the largest single-day drop since 10/09/14 (-2.3%).  This push downward is sure to have aggressive swing traders getting long for a bounce.  If you find yourself wanting to get long here, consider the following: S&P sentiment decreased from 20% to 9% Bulls on 01/28/15 Since 2006, S&P decreased >9% Bulls while closing

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What’s Next for Bonds?

Posted on 01/07/15 Bonds had a strong start to the year, gaining +2.5% over the first three trading sessions of 2015.  Those gains helped push the market a new multiyear high.  With Bonds trading about 1% lower from the recent high, did Bonds just put in a significant top?  Let’s take a look… On 01/06/15, Bond sentiment closed at 97% Bulls Bond sentiment also closed 12.5% Bulls above its

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