Receive BOTH futures and forex trade alerts to maximize your trade returns. This works the same as the previous service except you will receive and have access to daily trades and information privy to trade orders to be input at the end of the day for BOTH the Futures and Forex services.

Email Communication

This service will provide two separate daily emails sent to subscribers communicating new trade orders, open position reviews, and updated performances. This email is released by 8pm ET before each trading day. Members are responsible for placing their own orders into their trading software and making sure they have enough margin in their account to accommodate all recommended trades.

Private Twitter Feeds

A private Twitter feed may be provided exclusively for subscribers where intraday communication may be helpful. While this service does not focus on day-trading, there may be times where you would like more information of happenings throughout the day. You may also use this Twitter feed to ask questions, get updates on positions, and otherwise stay connected throughout the day.

You can always follow Sentrade’s public Twitter feed as well.

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