Frequently Asked Questions

  • How exactly does this service work?
    • Members receive exclusive access to systematic trades each day. After each trading session, our systematic trading models crunch data and generate orders for the following day. We organize those trade orders and send them directly to members by 7pm ET. Members enter the trade orders with their broker and then spend the rest of the night feeling like your own hero.
  • How much time does it take to place all the trade orders?
    • It varies but shouldn’t take more than 30¬†minutes to place the trade orders each day.
  • What information do you give for each order?
    • We give you the futures contract or currency pair, entry price, and stop level for each trade.
  • Do you provide a profit target for each trade?
    • No, because we never know how long each trade will last – we could ride a trend for several weeks.
  • How do we know when to take profits?
    • Profit taking orders will be sent to members in the daily update – we don’t use intraday trade alerts.
  • What account size do I need to trade this service?
    • For the futures service, we recommend you use an account size of $100k, although $50k may be used as well. For the forex service, we recommend an account size of $50k, although $20k may be used.
  • Can I use my IRA to trade this service?
    • You can use your IRA to trade futures but not forex services.
  • Do all the trade orders get filled?
    • No, we place several orders for this service that go unfilled.
  • What do we do with the trade orders that go unfilled?
    • Unfilled orders will automatically cancel at the end of the day.
  • Do you have a private Twitter stream for this service?
    • No, all communication is done through email to eliminate the need for constant alerts.
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