As a member to our services, you’ll have exclusive access to all trade information:

  • All trades are based on fully backtested systematic trading models
  • Services provide all information necessary to execute trades
  • Daily communication at the end of the trading day to recap and alert next moves
  • Trades for the following day will be provided to members by 7pm ET each evening

What makes our service unique?

  • Get specific trades with 100% objectivity – never wonder where to place your orders
  • This is not a day-trading service – great for traders with other daytime priorities
  • We are a turnkey solution to help you manage your own money
  • Clear, concise daily communication – no more constant phone alerts

As a reminder, these trades are specifically used for Maxon Capital Group members and will not be shared outside this service. If these services interest you but you still want more information, feel free to contact us and we’d love to walk you through it.

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