Futures Trading Service


Futures trading involves speculating on the price of a commodity rising or falling in the future. For this service, we use our systematic trading models to enter positions in various futures markets including commodities, currencies, precious metals and index futures.

Trading futures may be right for you if you want to trade a retirement account, have a larger account balance ($100k or more), or are more comfortable with trading everyday commodities.

Systematic Trading Models

A systematic trading model is a series of rules that tell us how to trade a particular market. We use specialized software to identify historically profitable trading patterns through a process called backward testing. During backward testing, we optimize the trading rules so they produce the most favorable results. Those rules are then forward tested to make sure the trade pattern still produces consistently profitable results. Once everything is validated, the rules are locked in place.

Below is the five-year historical performance for the systematic trading models we use for this service. In case it isn’t understood, it needs to be said that this past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. But it does make us feel good about where we’re headed.



Example Trades

We’ve been trading these signals for quite some time. Here are some actual trades to give you an idea of what you can expect from our service:







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