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Maxon Capital Group provides unique services that eliminate the need to sit in front of a computer watching the market all day. Our systematic trading models generate trade orders that are sent to subscribers once a day. Our goal for this service is to allow you to set your trade orders, continue with your day, and let the market do the work. We are giving you the power to manage your own money.

This is not a day-trading service and we won’t stuff your inbox with intraday trade alerts. This is also not a ‘get-rich-quick’ trading service. This is a trading service that has the goal of generating consistent profits over the long term. We will certainly have our share of profitable trades; however, we will also have plenty of trades get stopped-out. Don’t judge this service on any single trade; judge this service on its long-term performance.

Membership Benefits
  • Each trade is based on our systematic trading models
  • Each trade will have a specific entry price and stop limit
  • Trades will be sent to members by 7pm ET before each trading session
Why we’re unique
  • Get specific trades with 100% objectivity – never wonder where to place your orders
  • This is not a day-trading strategy – great for traders with other daytime priorities
  • Each trade will be sent to members before it triggers – performances closely tracked

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