Maxon Capital Group specializes in systematic trade strategies that trigger daily trade setups after markets close. Our systems collect market data throughout the day to find strategy setups for swing trades executing at any time. We run various ETF and equity market strategies to provide a wide range of risk management systems for those just learning to read charts or professionals wanting to grow their investments. Learn to plan your trades and protect your own portfolio.

Daily Trade Setups

  • Daily market recaps with chart setups sent to your inbox only once each day.

  • Learn to spot trade setups and develop a process to plan your trades.

  • No intraday interruptions or chatroom noise to monitor throughout the day.

  • Learn to use a systematic approach and leave your emotions behind.


Our systematic trading strategies follow ETFs and stock markets for end-of-day swing trading. We provide daily chart updates to include specific plans for entry, exit, and profit taking positions. Our swing trade setups provide clear chart markups and informational references to educate and help plan any trade executions. Our systems allow for trading anytime and can be placed after hours to execute the following day. Learn to plan your trades without your emotions by sticking with a consistent system. Try it FREE for two weeks!


Learn to read charts and spot new setups daily.


Bonds, commodities, industry sectors, and indexes.


Growth, mid cap, & large cap setups for those wanting more.


Our trading systems are based on proprietary systematic trading strategies that have been back-tested and fine tuned to specific market functions and trend models.

During open market hours our trading models follow daily market data to find trade setups that can be placed after the market closes with any broker. Receive daily emails with chart setups for a fully planned trade execution including entry, exit, and profit target prices. We focus on providing education for trading systems and orders with a plan already in place. Learn to take your emotions out of trading by using systematic trading strategies.


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