Maxon Capital Group specializes in systematic trade strategies that trigger daily trade alerts only once at the end of the day. Our systems collect market data throughout the day to find the best strategy setups for swing trades. We run various ETF, stocks, and futures market strategies to provide a wide range of risk management systems for a more balanced portfolio. Learn to trade your own investments and let the market work for you.

Daily trade alerts

  • Entry, exit, and profit trades sent directly to you at the end of each day.

  • Learn to trade your own investments and choose which trades are right for you.

  • No intraday interruptions, discords, or twitter feeds. Market trades directly to you.


Our systematic trading strategies follow ETFs, stocks, and futures markets. We provide specific entry, exit, and profit taking trade alerts. These swing trading strategies give clear order information to quickly place your trades once at the end of each day. Learn to trade your own investments and let the markets work for you. Try it FREE for two weeks!


Bonds, commodities, industry sectors, global and domestic indexes.


Mid cap plus large cap global and domestic companies.


Commodities, currencies, precious metals, and index futures.


Our trades are based on proprietary systematic trading strategies that have been backtested and executed real-time for over 40 years as they continually outperform the S&P market index.

During open market hours our systematic trade models follow daily market data to find the highest probability setups and executions with overnight gain. Our trade alert service focuses on providing specific detailed trading system orders with specific points of entries and exits for end of day swing trades. Take your emotions out of trading by using a system.


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