We’re not a gimmicky marketing company selling promises to get rich quick. We’re also not going to spam you trying to sell our “Biggest Trade Secret!” or “Market Insights that Every Trader Must Know!” We create highly profitable automated trading strategies programmed to trigger daily trade alerts. We send you alerts to specific trade strategies including entries, stops, and profit targets.

Maxon Capital Group started as a collection of industry professionals looking for a more efficient way to trade their investments. With successful careers managing multimillion dollar projects, watching market action during the day just wasn’t possible. So we went looking for help. Twitter is flooded with “trading gurus” promising millions by tomorrow. FinTwit is full of trader discords all guessing which direction the market is moving next. YouTubers are selling expensive “training manuals” for content found free on the internet. What was missing was a professional daily trade alert service to provide specific trade information for end of day trading. This is how we got started.