Fifty-two percent (11/21) of the trading days in January saw S&P futures close ± 1%.  That’s more than the previous three January’s combined (2/21 in 2012, 1/22 in 2013, and 5/22 in 2014).  While the recent volatility was unexpected, it provides us with an opportunity to do what we do best…make money.  Throughout January, Maxon Capital Group and @sentrade posted several forecasts on our public stream on how to trade ES_F from both the long and short side.

Below is a summary of the calls Maxon Capital Group made in January:


S&P Forecasts - January 2015

PredictionDate PostedDate Complete
ES_F to trade below 1984.25 by 01/23/1501/06/1501/14/15
ES_F to close above 1989.00 by 01/22/1501/15/1501/16/15
ES_F to close above 2027.25 by 01/28/1501/15/1501/22/15
ES_F to trade below 1991.25 on 01/29/1501/28/1501/29/15
ES_F to close below 1992.5 by 02/06/1501/28/1501/30/15

Maxon Capital Group’s current forecast is that ES_F will trade below 1964.00 by 02/13/15.

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