Below are Maxon’s stock market swing trade systematic trades. This year proved how vital sticking to a trading strategy system can be. 2020 was wild as we faced a worldly pandemic, the quickest recession on record, and all-time market highs all within the same year. With the chaos of a worldly pandemic its hard to keep emotions in check and trade with a solid strategy plan. When others thought markets would crash, we stayed the course and followed the data. By sticking to the systematic data and our trade strategy rules, we were firmly set in our plan and could rest easier at night with the plan already set in place.

Our stock market swing trades are placed after-hours when markets are closed to execute the following day at market open. Our trades and performance is always posted live for full transparency.

Please note: past performance is NOT indicative of future returns. These trades we make are for educational purposes based on our own  strategies and risk tolerance. Please do your due diligence and understand risks involved with trading before you attempt to trade on your own. These trades include all trades CLOSED during 2020, some of which carried over as OPEN from 2019.

Below are Trade Trackers for the ETF markets to include all trades and order information available to members for previously closed out years. These Trackers are updated nightly and available to Members.