TL;DR: If you are just learning to trade, have another full-time commitment, or just want to skip straight to the facts – this is precisely for you.


This service is not meant for hard-core day traders looking to ‘get rich quick’. This service was started because we saw a need for regular hard working people to have access to and understand how the markets work. Most of our members have other jobs or daytime commitments that require their attention. We provide this service for those that wish to increase their equity without the emotional stress of watching the news affect the stock markets minute-by-minute.

We take the emotional guessing game out of trading by letting our model algorithms tell us when the market has favorable entry and exit points for profit. If you are tired of analyzing charts trying to decipher what they mean, or have other commitments that don’t allow time for market watching, then this service is definitely for you.

TL;DR: You get one email at the end of each trading day with trade order information. You enter your trades and manage your own money.


After each trading session ends, our systematic trading models crunch that days’ market data and generate orders for the following day. We hand pick the trades with the highest probability and send specific trade information along with a daily recap and next steps. Our trade information includes entry price, stop price, and sometimes profit taking price.

All our trades are swing trades. We enter orders once at the end of the day only. We may hold a position for a few days or a few weeks depending on how the market moves.

It varies but shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes each day to place the trade orders within your broker.

We’ll be here to help. All details and market information are laid out in the nightly emails with specific entry and exit prices. You manage your own money to allocate the number of shares you are willing to risk and trade.

We try to respond to each and every question as quickly as possible. Our goal of this service is to help guide and teach those wanting to trade their investments. Ask questions any time!

ETF’s: any amount. Some of our ETFs dip down to as low as $20. How many shares you buy is entirely up to you. We tell you where to enter and exit, you manage your own risk and money. If your account is not allowed to enter short trades (less than $25k), just enter the long trades only.

Stocks: Same as ETF’s – any account size of any amount will do. If you want to enter the short trades as well, some brokers require a minimum balance of $25k to take those trades.

Futures: $50k – $100k is ideal for starting futures trading.

**Trading is very risky. You assume your own risk with each trade you enter.**

No, because we never know how long each trade will last – we could ride a trend for several weeks or get a trigger to close out the next day.

The nightly emails provide all specific information. All open, close, and change updates are included.

Yes, you can use your IRA or 401k to trade stocks, ETFs, and futures. However, always check with your broker first.

If our order doesn’t get filled, we cancel the order and wait for the next setup. We do not chase the market. We plan our setups and react accordingly.

No. The point of this service is to allow you time during the day for other commitments. Most people have other jobs or responsibilities requiring them to be unavailable throughout the day. Our models use the intraday data to find the best entry setups after market hours.

Trade order alerts are sent out after 4p, no later than 6p EST. Enter your trade orders anytime before the next market open.

Yes! Try it FREE for two weeks to see if it works for you. Sign up through PayPal so we know you’re a real person. No charges process until after your trial is over. If you don’t like it, cancel before the two weeks is up! No hard feelings.

*Only one free trial per service.

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