Learning to trade shouldn’t be stressful and confusing. If you’re losing sleep at night praying your positions don’t tank – you’re doing it wrong. Our systematic trading strategies look for chart setups within the markets to include price, momentum, and sentiment shifts throughout the day. We focus on executing our trading plans at the end of the day after the market has closed and the dust has settled. By setting our plan outside of market hours this allows us to respond to the market action instead of react.

After markets close each day at 4p EST, our models find high probability setups using the daily, weekly, and monthly charts. Any trades you make are solely yours at your discretion and are your responsibility to execute according to your own risk management preferences and portfolio goals. Ultimately, this gives you freedom to choose your trades and control your own portfolio.


  • Learn to read charts, patterns, and see previous setups

ETFs Service

  • Commodities, industry sectors, global + domestic indexes

Stocks Service

  • Growth, Mid, & Large cap equities across all sectors

Bundled Service

  • Combine both ETF & Stock Alert Services to save $25/month

Trading Plans & Setups

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