Maxon Capital Group is a daily market trade alert service that makes trading simple. Our systematic trade strategies look for setups within the markets to include price, momentum, and sentiment shifts. We focus on trades with the best overnight setups to open the next day. In short, no day trades or constant phone alerts to certainly distract you. One email once each day is all you need.

First, after markets close each day our models find the best setups with the highest probability for returns. Then, we send one email which includes our specific trades with entry, stop, and profit taking prices. Finally, you choose your trades and enter them with your broker to fill the next day. Ultimately, this gives you freedom to choose your trades and confidence to have a plan.

ETFs Service

  • Bonds, commodities, industry sectors, global + domestic indexes
  • $500.00 yearly
    + two months FREE!

Stocks Service

  • Mid-cap to large-cap equities across all sectors both domestic and global
  • $1,000.00 yearly
    + two months FREE!

Futures Service

  • Commodities, currencies, precious metals, and index futures
  • $2,000.00 yearly
    + two months FREE!

Bundled Service

  • Combine all three alert services
    & save $50/month
  • $3,000.00 yearly
    + two months FREE!

Daily Trade Alerts

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