Our stock trading alerts system teaches stock trading in the most simple way possible: clear chart setups with systematically calculated entry, stop, and target prices. Stock market trading can be complicated, time consuming, and costly when trying to navigate on your own. We’re here to cut through the noise and stick to the trading rules triggered by our programmed systems. Our proprietary trade models send out daily setups to stock market trading strategies with the trading plan already in place.

Our trading strategies cut through the noise and compile specific position order information at the end of the trading day. In our stock alert service, we trade companies with high volume, high momentum, and high relative strength. This ensures our positions are always moving and part of the trend.

Stock Trading Setups & Trade Plans

We execute our trade plans after market hours to allow everyone a chance to learn how to invest on their own. Most market trading takes place each weekday between 9:30a-4p EST but our stock market strategies are based on entering trades and positions after hours when the stock market has closed. By setting our orders after hours, we let the dust settle and evaluate our positions before entering. We set our trades and let the market work for us.

First, our trading strategies are programmed to filter through the daily data during open market hours to find the best possible setups at the end of the day. Then, daily stock alert orders are sent each day with specific order entry, exit, and stop prices so you know precisely where to enter and exit each trade.Trades can be entered at the end of your day, at your leisure, to execute and run the next day. Learn to trade the easy way with the trade information sent directly to you.

Some of the common stocks we trade are:

  • AMZN: Amazon
  • GOOG: Google
  • ADBE: Adobe
  • NFLX: Netflix
  • CRM: Salesforce
  • WMT: Walmart
  • AAPL: Apple
  • MSFT: Microsoft
  • HD: Home Depot

Here is an excerpt from previous trades posted on the Trade Tracker available to members:

Screenshot 2024 01 12 at 11.16.09 AM

Stock Trading Strategies and Systems

Our proprietary stock market trading strategies have been painstakingly backtested and optimized with the past 40 years of data and price history. Using price, sentiment, and momentum, our systematic trade plans show you exactly where to enter and exit. The sooner you learn to invest and trade, the greater your chance of success. Trading stock markets shouldn’t be complicated. We aim to educate and make it simple for everyone.

Try it FREE! for two weeks. If you don’t like it, cancel anytime before your two week trial is up. We base our trading on three basic principles:

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Trading Plans & Setups

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